Sunday, December 28, 2008


The night we got our Christmas tree - Savannah decided she wanted to be a Christmas tree, too. I am trying to talk her into wearing it for next year's Halloween costume (think of the money we'd save!:)) One of my favorite things about Christmas - Christmas nights when the kids have their pajamas on and all the lights are out except for the Christmas chocolate...magical!
My favorite Christmas tradition - Charles Dickens wrote it to read to his children, and it wasn't published until long after his death by his grandson. Lovely, old-fashioned, and keeps us centered on Christ during the season. We read it in snippetts all through December.

Up until December 14th at 5am (when Chad got home from taking the set down on closing night), the musical "A Christmas Carol" put on by Music Theatre of Idaho completely consumed our life. Chad, Jake, and Savannah performed in it, and Nick could recite the entire play by the end. It completely brought the Christmas spirit into our home (I can say that now that it's over!:))

The Live Nativity in Eagle. First time we went, and we won't miss it again.

The homeschool Christmas program. Nick and Jake are in the black and white checkered and red checkered Shepherd costumes. Nick's only line was, "Poor Mary", which he delivered with unsurpassed emotion.:)

The kids favorite Christmas tradition - sleeping under the Christmas tree every 23rd of December to usher in Christmas (this year the 22nd, thank you Poinsetta Bowl). No, Clara didn't sleep their all night. She just got to make a cameo for the picture.

Christmas Eve
at the Snooks

After 9 years of waiting, Savannah finally realized her dream of being Mary in the annual Majors family live nativity.

Christmas Morning
...started at 3am when Savannah bounced into our room with two half-awake brothers in tow. We told her to come back at 6, which she did, not a minute later. I asked her what she had been doing for the last 3 hours, and she replied, "staring at the clock". This is them at the top of the stairs right before going down to see what Santa brought...

Savannah's favorite gift

Jake's favorite gift

Clara's favorite gift

...And I'm not kidding, Nick's favorite gift.

"Are you sure that's your very favorite gift, Nick?"
"Yeah, look mom, when you shake it it makes noise!"

Dad and Donna came in on the 27th - here he is opening the scrapbook calendar that Savannah and I passed several Christmas movies while making. I think I can handle one scrapbooking project every decade.

So that's all - our Christmas - 2008!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our New Blog

Here we are! We finally have a family blog. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Christina, who did - well, everything. I will post pictures soon...