Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jake and a lot of mini bike.

Ten Reasons I love Jacob, on his Eighth birthday…

1. He is kind of a genius. I quote him from today, “Hey mom, come into the playroom so I can show you the motorized pulley I just invented.”

2.He asks me questions every day, okay several times a day, that I not only do not know the answer to, but have never really thought about. Emberassing? A little.

3. His uncontrollable laugh when he thinks something is really funny. He has been known to be rendered completely useless laughing on the ground. If anyone ever wanted to beat him up they should start out by telling him a joke.

4. His soft,soft heart.

5. How gentle and kind he is with Clara and Nick and other little children. Always thinking about them.

6. He is – I am not kidding, the leader of the neighborhood boy’s gang. The oldest boy in the gang? Twelve. But he listens to Jake. Is this normal?

7. How he takes his guitar playing and singing very seriously and sounds very similiar to Alfalfa on Little Rascals.

8. He likes to be handsome. He likes to do his own hair, wear his own picks of clothes. His favorite? T-shirts with funny sayings on them and tuxedos.

9. He is a healthy eater. No stress over this boys nutrition. He loves veggie sandwiches with extra sprouts and thinks cake is just okay. I know it seems like a strange reason to love your son, but when you have another child who has approximately three items in their food repertoire, it is pretty endearing.

10. His utter joy over finally becoming a Boy Scout and how he has nicknamed himself "Jake the Snake"

I love you, my sweet boy.

So the mini-bikes... Jake and Savannah got these for their birthdays (early gift for Savannah). This was somehow in spite of my upbringing in which I was taught that riding a motorcycle was equal to imminent death.

Riding in McCall. If you are wondering if these are the same bikes featured in Dumb & Dumber, the answer is Yes. Which is why I have omitted the picture of me riding one.

Nick and his two-wheeler.

Grandpa Dan pulling Clara and our neice, Jessie.

Saturday night in McCall we got a babysitter for the kids and went out to dinner and for a boat ride. This is Chad's parents, Dan and Joan, at dinner.

Chad and I

Todd and Lisa, who came with us to McCall on a farewell trip before moving far away to Arizona...

Joe and Amy - our friends in McCall, the coordinator of our babysitter, and owners of this fine boat. Amy and I met last year at an Arbinger conference, in which we paid a couple hundred dollars to learn how to be nice to people. That one still baffles Chad. We usually just don't talk about it. Especially because I'm so nice now, I really try to avoid conflict.

So this is us, in the middle of the Lake, far away from the boat dock, moments before a torrential rain and lightening storm took us a little off guard.

Chad during the storm

Joe, our fearless captain, being pelted with rain.

And where is Todd? Protecting us girls, of course. Naturally not taking up all of our space and blanket. He just wanted to make sure we were okay up there.

The next day... a campfire at Joe and Amy's

Jake performing Ode to Joy at the campfire.

Savannah and Jessie on the mini-bike. Jenny, if you are reading this, they are not really moving. Like I would do something as irresponsible as letting your three-year-old ride with Savannah with no helmet. If she tells you anything different don't believe her. It's my word against yours, Jessie. :)

The kids taking a bow after their performance of the generationally famous skit, I don't have the money for the payment of the rent.

And a picture of a girl's night Twilight party. At which time we played the Twilight board game which apparently was made for eleven-year-old sleepovers and included such questions as "everyone secretly write down who they think is the prettiest person in the room". Evil game-writer.

And of course they are also not moving, because what kind of mother would let her two-year-old jump on a mini-bike without a helmet, at night, no less?

And why I haven't been blogging... I have been organizing, okay?
Look at this mother of a pantry. And now I can blog in peace.

Random picture of Savannah riding her mini bike because I am still inept at placing pictures. I don't want to talk about it.

We love, love, love, LOVE, summer.

Please don't give up on me my blogging friends, in spite of a broken camera, still unorganized kid's closets, and a recommitment to read New Moon before the movie comes out in November - I will persist until I become a consistent blogger!