Sunday, August 16, 2009

Savannah, Fireworks, and Chloe

I am blogging again. I am going to think of the bright side and say that I have not blogged for three months because the summer has been so fabulous that I just haven't wanted to take the time... that's a good thing, right?

And also I am looking for brilliant suggestions on what is the best way to schedule in blogging - like is there a certain time you always blog, so it has just become habit? I am talking to you amazing bloggers who hardly miss a week - I really need some advice!

So.... To my Beautiful Daughter Savannah, on your 10th birthday... (which actually occured June 27th - details... details!)

What I love about you:

1. You are absolutely beautiful - inside and out.

2.You are kind - you are always aware of other people's feelings. Compassionate.

3. You are an amazing friend.

4. You are a free-spirit.

5.You are an "old soul" - you have wisdom beyond your age.
6. You pick up on things - you are well aware of what's going on all the time.

7. You know how to be yourself (which if I was one of Sleeping Beauty's fairies blessing you at your birth, is exactly the quality I would have given you.)

8. You are incredible with little children.

9. You are super-duper talented (singing, acting, cheerleading, cake decorating, sewing, dancing, music, taking care of children... seriously!)

10. You are thoughtful - the sweet things you do for all of us - the notes you leave on my bed...

Happy 10th Birthday, Savannah - I love you truly!

4th of July

Sitting on the front porch swing, right before fireworks and after floating down the Boise River on inner tubes. Nick informed us that he officialy was Mutt Jones (Indiana's son) after his tube flipped through some minor rapids and he handled it with true bravery. He also warned us of those approaching rapids by yelling "Bunnies! Watch out for the bunnies!" (it took Jake interpreting for him to figure out that he thought rapids were actually called rabbits)

This year we went downtown to Ann Morrison Park to watch Fireworks. It was AMAZING!

This is Clara as soon as the fireworks began. She went facedown inside the blanket until they were over. Did not move a muscle. Incredible - I have not seen her that still for that long - well, ever. Fireworks apparently is the key. Who knew?

The other kids mesmerized by the fireworks. Magic.

Just a random picture of Clara.

And...Introducing Chloe!

This is our new bunny, which Jake (with some help from Savannah) used all of his birthday money for.

You might be wondering why all of the pictures also feature Clara. That is because that is how Chloe lives her life. In Clara's arms. Clara has not really let her out of her sight or arms since we've had her.

Clara truly loves animals with all of her heart. She can't resist them - anywhere and any kind. Sometimes it's in a "Lenny-from-Of-Mice-and-Men" kind of way, but so far Chloe has survived, and actually seems attached to Clara. At least she doesn't run away from her. Hopefully it's not because she is frozen in fear.

And that's our Summer Part 1. Hopefully I'll get the rest of July posted soon. Thanks for reading!