Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jakey's Baptism

Jacob's Baptism, that happened on July 11, 2009. I am just going to move on past the fact that I am 5 1/2 months late posting this & give myself a pat on the back that I am posting it now. Because my 2010New Year's Resolution is to catch up on my blog/history of our family. And it's December 30th, still 2009. So technically I am actually posting this early. (don't stop to think about it, just go with it) Also, I am going to write this blog like I am actually writing personally to Jacob. Since this blog is in place of (oh thank you! thank you!) a scrapbook.


I am not quite sure what you are doing in the following picture. Unfortunately, that is what happens when your mother waits 5 1/2 months to blog about your baptism pictures. But an interesting you remember when we did the science club experiment to see how much air everyone could fit in your their lungs, that you could fit like 5 times as much as any of the other kids? I think this picture is further evidence of that fact :). It must be why you are such a rockin swimmer, too.

You and your dad. He even shaved off his beloved beard for the occassion of your baptism.

Some things to remember about your day...
1st) You were really prepared to be baptized. Sister Jarvis is your primary teacher this year, and you really love her. She really helped you prepare to get baptized. Also, you are careful to study the scriptures often, and you know your stuff. We are seriously proud of you. And learn from you.
2nd) We decided that instead of having people over to our house after your baptism, we would all go out to Chuck O Rama afterwards. This accomplished two things. First, it made it so we could have a special, quiet morning together instead of rushing around making preparations. There was a special peace that permeated our home that entire morning, and we got to have some special time together to talk about things.
Secondly, it introduced you to the world of buffets. You had no idea anything so wonderful existed on this planet. Spaghetti noodles with chocolate sauce. Mmmm....

Jake, you are a really special big brother, especially to Nick. He really looks up to you, well idolizes you, really. He thinks you are like cooler than a Jedi Knight (I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote :)). We are so glad he has someone to look up to everyday that is as classy and smart and soft-hearted and always wanting to do the right thing as you. He jumped in this picture when I was taking pictures of you and dad. He always wants to be right there with you...thanks for letting him be.

Look at that smile!! You are (may I quote the Christmas letter that you recieved from your friend Makenna....) J - Just cool A - Awesome K - Kind E - Exciting. Our thoughts exactly. We Love You!