Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Reunion 09

So... when I went to start blogging again... this is the draft that I found waiting for me.  I was swearing on this post that I was going to become a die-hard blogger, again, and the darn thing never even got posted.   But I am just going to put it out there anyway, because hey! It was a fun reunion... three years ago.  And, uh, yes, by the way, I am totally going to start blogging again.  Totally.  So here...the post that was started 16 months ago... (I did have a baby and moved in the last 16 months- as if I have just been spending my evenings on the couch watching up to episode 136 of How I Met Your Mother!)

This is just emberassing. How many times have I returned to blogging, swearing I was back on the bandwagon, and to "stay tuned for more posts"?? Let's see, the last time was January. Of 2010. And that post was catching up from July. Of 2009. Which is why, in April of 2011, I am continuing on with the rest of July, still Of 2009. I know, not even interesting to anyone anymore. My kids don't even look the same. But this blog being for them in place of scrapbooking, I will be trudging right along  covering the rest of 2009 &2011. Since I usually say at this point (and really, honestly think it) that I am sure I will be blogging every night and caught back up to the present day in a few, short weeks- well, instead I will say- I know I am an annoying blogger. Feel free to delete me from your blog roll.

So.... Majors Family Reunion 2009!!!!

Carson and Jake watching the mega-outside movie screen that the overachievers of one of the branches of Chad's family put on.  You gotta love overachievers.  They totally make life more fun.

Red Fish.  Beautiful Red Fish.  Love that place.  Pretend that the water is not 36 degrees.

The fact that he has to grow up literally makes me ache.  

First place winner of races at reunion.  Is she not the cutest, brightest eyed thing you have ever seen??

This is Chad on a rope swing jumping into the before-mentioned 36 degree water.  

 All of us at the Lake...

Back at the movie screen... Clara is drinking from the water bottle...

Okay. The story.  Chad carved this into a tree the first year we were married, at my first reunion.  When it was just him and I in a tent.  Here it is, twelve years later...

Reunion Games

 And there it is, Reunion 2009~

Hello kids! It is Memorial Day weekend- you have three days left of your 2012 school year. 

Highlights... Savannah got braces. You look cuter than we even thought you would look, inspite of Jake's friends telling you that you are 10% less hot now. You also were Kate in Pirates of Penzance. And had your end of the year dance concert... you did this cool dance with glow sticks. You made the JV dance team for next year. You have been reading Nick Junie B. Jones every night, and laughing your head off with him. You are such a great big sister...

Jake, today we went out to breakfast-- you are getting to be an amazing kid. You turned 11 this week- we had a surprise birthday party for you, and we totally pulled it off! We had it at the bowling alley at Wahooz- it was soooo fun. Sooo fun to see you be surprised. You said your heart almost stopped beating. How are you so sweet?
 So, holding to tradition, (besides the last two years, of course)- for your 11th birthday...the ten things that I love about you, Jakey...(and can I just say, that my camera was out of order from March until August? And these pictures were taken on my iphone and I am not happy about them. Okay. Just let that be said and remembered over this period of time.  That's all.)

1. You announced to me this week that you were going to make a "man cave" in your room. That consists of sheets tucked into the top bunk mattress, completely surrounding your bed.

2. You volunteered three times this weekend to babysit for us, so we could go out on a date-

3. You are so, so sweet to your little sisters. They both love you so much.

4. You are just really, really,cool. You might say, you have swag. ;)

5. You are so aware of everyone around you's feelings.

6. Okay, seriously Jake- you are totally fashionable. Like really, really fashionable. (Don't let anyone ever tell you that that is not a bona fide talent, my son. It is only one of the finest. one of the finest. )

7. You get the award for most organized and cleanliest.

8. You are confident enough in yourself to freely admit that you like a girl. Like "Jake, do you have a crush on that girl?" "Yes." "Oh." Unexpected honesty curiously sparking less follow up conversation... I, apparently, have only natural instincts of conversation when dealing with denial.

 9. You had a water fight with your little brother this weekend... in 50 degree weather.

10. You are seriously so funny.  Like hilarious.  Like you really make me laugh. 

You might say, that I adore you.  Thank you for being you.  I can't believe you are 11.

Nick- I had the best date with you today, just sitting on the back porch talking.  You are so, so sweet and tender hearted.  When you went to bed, Dad and I talked about how special of a boy you are.  Thank you for being you.

Clara- your cutest moment- me: "Clara, I am so sad that you are five.  I want you to be my little girl forever."  You: "Mom, even when I be five I will still be your little sweetheart."  You are also a little boy crazy.  You didn't like the way that I did your hair one day this week, and you told me you were going to call the cops on me for making you "ugly for the boys." 

And then you crawled into bed with me on Saturday and whispered to me, "Mom, you know how dad wants me to marry none boys? And you want me to marry a boy? Well guess what don't tell dad this but remember that boys house we went to at the last party? I want to marry him and go to that house again but don't tell him, okay? Because I am in love with him."

I love you, my boy-crazy five-year-old.

And Austen, you will be crawling soon.  Dad has been pretty determined lately to make that happen.  Me, I am content with time standing still a little bit.  You make me happy every day.  We take a walk together every day, while all the kids are at school.  You just look around, no matter how long the walk is.  You clap your hands, and you love, love, love to play.  You have two teeth, and wavy, fluffy hair, and I adore every thing about you.  I can't believe I got so lucky to get you. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Okay. So we are just going to start over.  (my apologies for skipping the last 2 1/2 years...) However I did take plenty of pictures during that time frame and am hoping to write on the back of all those pictures. Or just explain them to you one day.  Well, at least there were pictures anyway!

Today was a really wonderful Mother's Day, and I am not just saying that. It was perfect. I had a little date with each of you. First, Clara and I went on a little juice and chocolates picnic at the park. I told her she could wear whatever she wanted, and she wore her biggest, puffiest... Christmas dress.  It was lovely seeing you dancing around with all the girls in their summer clothes and you in red satin and black velvet.  You are one in a million.

Then Jake and I watched the movie, John Carter.  We both would give it about two stars.  But still so great to hang out together.  You were in a saxophone band concert this week.  You are really liking the saxophone.  You were amazing.  And so handsome in your tie and white shirt. 

Nick and I rode bikes around the neighborhood.  It was the perfect bike riding day.  He kept talking about the advantages and dynamics of drafting a biker in front of you.   Or a big rig if you happened to be in a car.  You are amazing. And brilliant.

Savannah and I gave ourselves manicures and pedicures.  On the back porch listening to Norah Jones.    You had your first junior high slumber party last night.  I called you in the middle with grave warnings about the "cinnamon challenge".  Bless you for putting up with being the first child. 

Austen, you are a doll.  You went on your first bike ride on the back of dad's bike, and loved it.  As long as you are within arms reach of dad or I, and sometimes Nick, you are pretty happy.

I love you all!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Nicky's Birthday!

...and continuing with my blog catch-up...
Nicholas' birthday - July 14th -
the big 5!

Savannah and I did our best at recreating Yoda's lightsaber in cake form... friends came over for Jedi games (including a Jedi obstacle course which finished by slaying Darth Vader... aka Jake) & my children's absolutely favorite thing in the world... a pinata. Classic. Must be our Spanish blood.

The first pictures are Nick in front of the fireplace. Somewhere along the line we started a tradition of filling the downstairs up with balloons and paper streamers and decorations the night before their birthday, so that when they come downstairs on their birthday morning their cake (usually a surprise) is sitting out, and the house is decked out for them. Anyway, there is always a Happy Birthday sign hanging up over the fireplace above all of their presents. It's kind of like Christmas morning. Except not. Because putting up a banner is obviously simpler than putting up a tree. And decorating it. And stringing 300 lights through it. But that's what my brother Todd once said to describe it, so we'll go with it.

The bear that Nicky is holding is the love of his life, with possibly the exception of his cousin Jessie. It came from the dollar store...will disinegrate any day... but he loves his "Snuggy", and sleeps with him every night. Okay, I confess - I encourage it. I just happen to think that a 5-year-old with a teddy bear is the epitome of cuteness.

So... Keeping with Blog Tradition....
Dear Nicky,
The things I love about you
On your 5th Birthday
(or, mmm..., perhaps several months later. )

1. That you cried during the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs because the main character threw himself in the garbage when he decided he was a crummy inventor. It broke your heart that he would feel so bad about himself and that everyone was being mean to him. You have the softest heart. Seriously. Also you came home one day from school crying because there was a little boy on the bus who no one wanted to sit by. You were full of relief when we resolved that you, in fact, could sit by him. Seriously, Nick, your heart is pure gold.

2. When we had company coming and we said, “Hey, guess who’s going to be at our house in one week?” and you immediately answered “Future Nick?!”

3. That you are rendered completely useless on the floor sucking your finger whenever you come in contact with silky material. If anyone ever wanted to beat you in a race, they should just throw a nightgown at you.

4. You pick up on big words, like when explaining how Jacob was bothering you, you finished by saying, “…and it’s just so disturbing!”

5. You are so affectionate. Soooooo affectionate.

6. The way your eyes light up. Looking at you is like getting a pure dose of happiness.

7. How you have picked up the gentlemanly quality of saying “Ladies First” when you are doing something that requires taking turns. Also when we ask you to do something you answer with a salute and "sir, yes sir!"
P.S. This is only because you think you are a G.I. Joe and not because your mother in any way resembles a military sergaent.

8. Watching movies with you like Home Alone and you jumping up and down for the entire time and talking to the TV screen and hiding and I’m pretty sure really believing that you are in that world. We usually end up watching you a lot more than we watch the movie.

(pictured here: pin the lightsaber on the Yoda)

9. How you are a ladies man. I think I love that about you. Well, at 5 it is pretty darn cute. And you still sware that I am your “first favorite girlfriend”, usually out of the approximately 5 rotating other ones. I sometimes run neck in neck with your cousin Jessie, however. Who consequently adores you. And you also pretty much have your kissing habit in check now, which is good. You pretty much have stayed in line with your two rules for kindergarten: no kissing, no cussing. We couldn’t be more proud :).

10. How you like to practice your “moves”. These moves range from your Ninja moves (“don’t worry mom, if a robber ever came I would just use my moves on him”),to your Michael Jackson moves ("I'm the awesomest dancer, right mom?”) as you move your head back and forth and do the moonwalk. To your most powerful of all… Jedi Knight moves, which of course includes a lightsaber and the incredible talent of jumping from one couch to another. Nick, your moves are what give me peace of mind at night.

11. How you always end every sentence with “right?” like, “I am the most powerful kid in the world, right?”

12. How you are not scared of anything…except certain episodes of Diego :).

13. How you think your big brother is basically the coolest person to live since Indiana Jones.

14. How you sometimes randomly call me “Tyla” and dad “Chad”.

15. How you think everything about life is one grand

We love you, love you, love you Nick.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jakey's Baptism

Jacob's Baptism, that happened on July 11, 2009. I am just going to move on past the fact that I am 5 1/2 months late posting this & give myself a pat on the back that I am posting it now. Because my 2010New Year's Resolution is to catch up on my blog/history of our family. And it's December 30th, still 2009. So technically I am actually posting this early. (don't stop to think about it, just go with it) Also, I am going to write this blog like I am actually writing personally to Jacob. Since this blog is in place of (oh thank you! thank you!) a scrapbook.


I am not quite sure what you are doing in the following picture. Unfortunately, that is what happens when your mother waits 5 1/2 months to blog about your baptism pictures. But an interesting you remember when we did the science club experiment to see how much air everyone could fit in your their lungs, that you could fit like 5 times as much as any of the other kids? I think this picture is further evidence of that fact :). It must be why you are such a rockin swimmer, too.

You and your dad. He even shaved off his beloved beard for the occassion of your baptism.

Some things to remember about your day...
1st) You were really prepared to be baptized. Sister Jarvis is your primary teacher this year, and you really love her. She really helped you prepare to get baptized. Also, you are careful to study the scriptures often, and you know your stuff. We are seriously proud of you. And learn from you.
2nd) We decided that instead of having people over to our house after your baptism, we would all go out to Chuck O Rama afterwards. This accomplished two things. First, it made it so we could have a special, quiet morning together instead of rushing around making preparations. There was a special peace that permeated our home that entire morning, and we got to have some special time together to talk about things.
Secondly, it introduced you to the world of buffets. You had no idea anything so wonderful existed on this planet. Spaghetti noodles with chocolate sauce. Mmmm....

Jake, you are a really special big brother, especially to Nick. He really looks up to you, well idolizes you, really. He thinks you are like cooler than a Jedi Knight (I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote :)). We are so glad he has someone to look up to everyday that is as classy and smart and soft-hearted and always wanting to do the right thing as you. He jumped in this picture when I was taking pictures of you and dad. He always wants to be right there with you...thanks for letting him be.

Look at that smile!! You are (may I quote the Christmas letter that you recieved from your friend Makenna....) J - Just cool A - Awesome K - Kind E - Exciting. Our thoughts exactly. We Love You!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Savannah, Fireworks, and Chloe

I am blogging again. I am going to think of the bright side and say that I have not blogged for three months because the summer has been so fabulous that I just haven't wanted to take the time... that's a good thing, right?

And also I am looking for brilliant suggestions on what is the best way to schedule in blogging - like is there a certain time you always blog, so it has just become habit? I am talking to you amazing bloggers who hardly miss a week - I really need some advice!

So.... To my Beautiful Daughter Savannah, on your 10th birthday... (which actually occured June 27th - details... details!)

What I love about you:

1. You are absolutely beautiful - inside and out.

2.You are kind - you are always aware of other people's feelings. Compassionate.

3. You are an amazing friend.

4. You are a free-spirit.

5.You are an "old soul" - you have wisdom beyond your age.
6. You pick up on things - you are well aware of what's going on all the time.

7. You know how to be yourself (which if I was one of Sleeping Beauty's fairies blessing you at your birth, is exactly the quality I would have given you.)

8. You are incredible with little children.

9. You are super-duper talented (singing, acting, cheerleading, cake decorating, sewing, dancing, music, taking care of children... seriously!)

10. You are thoughtful - the sweet things you do for all of us - the notes you leave on my bed...

Happy 10th Birthday, Savannah - I love you truly!

4th of July

Sitting on the front porch swing, right before fireworks and after floating down the Boise River on inner tubes. Nick informed us that he officialy was Mutt Jones (Indiana's son) after his tube flipped through some minor rapids and he handled it with true bravery. He also warned us of those approaching rapids by yelling "Bunnies! Watch out for the bunnies!" (it took Jake interpreting for him to figure out that he thought rapids were actually called rabbits)

This year we went downtown to Ann Morrison Park to watch Fireworks. It was AMAZING!

This is Clara as soon as the fireworks began. She went facedown inside the blanket until they were over. Did not move a muscle. Incredible - I have not seen her that still for that long - well, ever. Fireworks apparently is the key. Who knew?

The other kids mesmerized by the fireworks. Magic.

Just a random picture of Clara.

And...Introducing Chloe!

This is our new bunny, which Jake (with some help from Savannah) used all of his birthday money for.

You might be wondering why all of the pictures also feature Clara. That is because that is how Chloe lives her life. In Clara's arms. Clara has not really let her out of her sight or arms since we've had her.

Clara truly loves animals with all of her heart. She can't resist them - anywhere and any kind. Sometimes it's in a "Lenny-from-Of-Mice-and-Men" kind of way, but so far Chloe has survived, and actually seems attached to Clara. At least she doesn't run away from her. Hopefully it's not because she is frozen in fear.

And that's our Summer Part 1. Hopefully I'll get the rest of July posted soon. Thanks for reading!