Sunday, May 17, 2009

One Incredibly Long Post

So it's been a month since my last post - my computer broke down and I couldn't find my camera charger for about a week (unfortunately that week included Mothers Day).

But I am pleased to report that after being transferred to approximately 56 different customer service reps somewhere in the heart of India, I was given the good news that my warranty did in fact cover Nicholas sticking a pencil where the laptop charger gets plugged into, and I have my laptop once more.

Okay - one thing that I definitely discovered. I really, really, really love blogging. The separation from my laptop was exactly what I needed to finally understand that my blogging experiment has gone from, "I'll try it." to "I can't live without it." (am I still talking about blogging, because I think I had this same experience when I was dating Chad.)

And so I have moved blogging completely to the top of my priority list. Actually I have revamped my entire priority list. The Previous Number 1 Priority:"Stay so busy that you are running full speed ahead all day until you crash and don't get nearly enough sleep or have any fun but definitely get a million things accomplished." has now been replaced with things like: watch movies and listen to U2 and blog a lot. And also garage sale more often and go on walks (not runs) and hang out on the couch. Life is going rather well.

So if you can't tell from my title - having not blogged in a month, this is an incredibly long post. But I can't help it. Okay, I won't help it. So first an update on all the kids...

Is seriously cute.

I know there is a similar picture of Clara on every post I make - but if I didn't think of every time a situation like this comes up as a blogging moment, well, she might not still be with us.

This was me putting mascara on upstairs and her downstairs by herself for 5 minutes.



Riding his bicycle. All of the pictures are of Nick riding his bicycle, because that is pretty much what Nick does all day every day. I will post some more bike riding pictures next time, because on Saturday Nick....Learned to ride a bike without training wheels! I wish I could say that we taught him in a wonderful bonding moment, but really it was more like Chad unscrewed the training wheels, and he just sort of rode away.

Nick has also decided that he knows Spanish. He speaks Spanish to us all day, actually. Except his Spanish goes something like this, "Ooga boogala aci waci", and then we reply, "what does that mean?" and then he replies something like, "oh, it means I like you but maybe I love you and if I love you maybe I will kiss you or something."

We all find this very endearing and so, yes, we encourage him. It was not, however, so endearing to the waiter at the authentic Mexican restaurant we went to on Cinco de Mayo, who after greeting us with "Hola", Nicky very seriously and confidently replied, "Oogay moogay Wocka ocka noby goo choochi." Apparently the Spanish language is taken a little more seriously in his household.

And Jakey.

Jakey has lived and breathed baseball for the last 6 weeks.

His birthday is in one week, and oh my, he is going to be 8.

I will gush over him more in a separate birthday blog - but I am seriously, seriously crazy over this boy.

He is like the coolest kid ever - smarter than me.

The leader of the neighborhood boys gang (which actually includes 12-year-old boys).

Hilarious and, did I mention? Smart.

We have been spending time every afternoon together talking about questions he has about the church and his baptism.

I have never felt so proud of him.

And Savannah...

Still making cakes. She is hoping to start a business after she gets a few more cakes under her belt. This is Heather - a friend of ours and professional cake decorator who spent about 2 hours with Savannah teaching her to make...

This Mother's Day fondant cake. We were very grateful to have gotten this one lovely picture before Clara scooted her stool up to the counter while we were all upstairs, dug her hands in and devoured about 1/4th of the cake. Love you Clara!

And her tap recital...

Okay, so this was actually her dress rehearsal. Her dance studio sent out a recital schedule with a typo as to what time the recital started, and so we missed the actual performance. I can't really talk about it more, because I am trying to keep my blood pressure in check.

But fortunately I seemed to be more upset than Savannah, who handled the entire situation with absolute grace and maturity. Seriously. Where does she come from? She is absolutely incredible. I mean, I have heard of mother's looking up to their grown daughters, but Savannah is only 9, and I am giving myself lectures on being more like her.

I know I am her mother, but the girl has talent.

And as for me... well besides having the best Mother's Day ever, one event that I actually took pictures at, was an insanely crazy party hosted by - Jennie and Leah, who secretly came up with the idea of having a mock beauty pageant at what the rest of us thought was a simple going away party for our dear friend, Lynnelle. We were met at the door with horrendous shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, hair bows, and gaudy jewelry (why did they only ask to borrow mine?)Here Jennie and Leah are as the MC's of the evening.

Here I am doing my talent portion of the contest as a singer in the video game "Rock Band". I was originally on the drums but was kicked off because I had no rhythm. Seriously, like zilch. I even got a cramp. It was kind of embarrassing.

Here is Lynnelle receiving the prize as Mrs. Universe. And I um, don't want to brag, but I did, um, win

Mrs. Congeniality

but you know, it really wasn't any big deal. I am probably not like seriously actually considering running for Mrs. Eagle next year or anything.

Okay, so Lynnelle. I just want to say - I love this girl. No, really I do. She has been a mentor in my life in so many ways. Did I mention that she is moving because her sister-in-law died and she is taking her family to live with her brother-in-law to help raise his children, and oh yeah, did I mention that she has eight children of her own? Oh yeah, and she homeschools. Take a good look (but ignore the blue eyeshadow)- this woman is a saint.

So the Zoo!

We visited the Boise Zoo this week, which was special only because they just got giraffes and lions! Which was such perfect timing because we were just starting to become disenchanted with the squirrel and hamster exhibits.

This is the Jarvis Family with us - fellow homeschoolers...

We really couldn't tear ourselves away from these amazing creatures.

You see, Savannah - there is advantages of having been named for a flat, barren, grassland. Your name pops up on zoo signs!

And the lions. Savannah did Jake's hair that day.

I might have to splurge for an annual pass to the zoo, just for how much joy this place brought Clara. Finally, a place that captured her full attention. She loved every moment of it. Her favorite was the monkeys. She was so overwhelmed with emotion at seeing a real monkey, that she did not know what to do but to stand and sing with all of her might and devotion, "5 little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." It was a moment that only could only be rivaled by immigrants first setting their eyes on the Statue of Liberty.

If you have ever been to the Boise Zoo with a camera, chances are you have this same picture of your child in a photo album someplace.

The penguins were seriously confusing for Clara. She kept saying, "Birdy!" Then, "Fishy!" over and over again. I know Clara, it baffles the best of us. They're just, you know. Penguins.

I have decided to start having my children suck on outdoor handrails at public places to boost their immune systems. I'll let you know how it goes.

So that's our month - thanks for reading till the end - I will post again as soon as I get caught up on reading everyone else's blogs!