Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Okay. So we are just going to start over.  (my apologies for skipping the last 2 1/2 years...) However I did take plenty of pictures during that time frame and am hoping to write on the back of all those pictures. Or just explain them to you one day.  Well, at least there were pictures anyway!

Today was a really wonderful Mother's Day, and I am not just saying that. It was perfect. I had a little date with each of you. First, Clara and I went on a little juice and chocolates picnic at the park. I told her she could wear whatever she wanted, and she wore her biggest, puffiest... Christmas dress.  It was lovely seeing you dancing around with all the girls in their summer clothes and you in red satin and black velvet.  You are one in a million.

Then Jake and I watched the movie, John Carter.  We both would give it about two stars.  But still so great to hang out together.  You were in a saxophone band concert this week.  You are really liking the saxophone.  You were amazing.  And so handsome in your tie and white shirt. 

Nick and I rode bikes around the neighborhood.  It was the perfect bike riding day.  He kept talking about the advantages and dynamics of drafting a biker in front of you.   Or a big rig if you happened to be in a car.  You are amazing. And brilliant.

Savannah and I gave ourselves manicures and pedicures.  On the back porch listening to Norah Jones.    You had your first junior high slumber party last night.  I called you in the middle with grave warnings about the "cinnamon challenge".  Bless you for putting up with being the first child. 

Austen, you are a doll.  You went on your first bike ride on the back of dad's bike, and loved it.  As long as you are within arms reach of dad or I, and sometimes Nick, you are pretty happy.

I love you all!