Friday, January 1, 2010

Nicky's Birthday!

...and continuing with my blog catch-up...
Nicholas' birthday - July 14th -
the big 5!

Savannah and I did our best at recreating Yoda's lightsaber in cake form... friends came over for Jedi games (including a Jedi obstacle course which finished by slaying Darth Vader... aka Jake) & my children's absolutely favorite thing in the world... a pinata. Classic. Must be our Spanish blood.

The first pictures are Nick in front of the fireplace. Somewhere along the line we started a tradition of filling the downstairs up with balloons and paper streamers and decorations the night before their birthday, so that when they come downstairs on their birthday morning their cake (usually a surprise) is sitting out, and the house is decked out for them. Anyway, there is always a Happy Birthday sign hanging up over the fireplace above all of their presents. It's kind of like Christmas morning. Except not. Because putting up a banner is obviously simpler than putting up a tree. And decorating it. And stringing 300 lights through it. But that's what my brother Todd once said to describe it, so we'll go with it.

The bear that Nicky is holding is the love of his life, with possibly the exception of his cousin Jessie. It came from the dollar store...will disinegrate any day... but he loves his "Snuggy", and sleeps with him every night. Okay, I confess - I encourage it. I just happen to think that a 5-year-old with a teddy bear is the epitome of cuteness.

So... Keeping with Blog Tradition....
Dear Nicky,
The things I love about you
On your 5th Birthday
(or, mmm..., perhaps several months later. )

1. That you cried during the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs because the main character threw himself in the garbage when he decided he was a crummy inventor. It broke your heart that he would feel so bad about himself and that everyone was being mean to him. You have the softest heart. Seriously. Also you came home one day from school crying because there was a little boy on the bus who no one wanted to sit by. You were full of relief when we resolved that you, in fact, could sit by him. Seriously, Nick, your heart is pure gold.

2. When we had company coming and we said, “Hey, guess who’s going to be at our house in one week?” and you immediately answered “Future Nick?!”

3. That you are rendered completely useless on the floor sucking your finger whenever you come in contact with silky material. If anyone ever wanted to beat you in a race, they should just throw a nightgown at you.

4. You pick up on big words, like when explaining how Jacob was bothering you, you finished by saying, “…and it’s just so disturbing!”

5. You are so affectionate. Soooooo affectionate.

6. The way your eyes light up. Looking at you is like getting a pure dose of happiness.

7. How you have picked up the gentlemanly quality of saying “Ladies First” when you are doing something that requires taking turns. Also when we ask you to do something you answer with a salute and "sir, yes sir!"
P.S. This is only because you think you are a G.I. Joe and not because your mother in any way resembles a military sergaent.

8. Watching movies with you like Home Alone and you jumping up and down for the entire time and talking to the TV screen and hiding and I’m pretty sure really believing that you are in that world. We usually end up watching you a lot more than we watch the movie.

(pictured here: pin the lightsaber on the Yoda)

9. How you are a ladies man. I think I love that about you. Well, at 5 it is pretty darn cute. And you still sware that I am your “first favorite girlfriend”, usually out of the approximately 5 rotating other ones. I sometimes run neck in neck with your cousin Jessie, however. Who consequently adores you. And you also pretty much have your kissing habit in check now, which is good. You pretty much have stayed in line with your two rules for kindergarten: no kissing, no cussing. We couldn’t be more proud :).

10. How you like to practice your “moves”. These moves range from your Ninja moves (“don’t worry mom, if a robber ever came I would just use my moves on him”),to your Michael Jackson moves ("I'm the awesomest dancer, right mom?”) as you move your head back and forth and do the moonwalk. To your most powerful of all… Jedi Knight moves, which of course includes a lightsaber and the incredible talent of jumping from one couch to another. Nick, your moves are what give me peace of mind at night.

11. How you always end every sentence with “right?” like, “I am the most powerful kid in the world, right?”

12. How you are not scared of anything…except certain episodes of Diego :).

13. How you think your big brother is basically the coolest person to live since Indiana Jones.

14. How you sometimes randomly call me “Tyla” and dad “Chad”.

15. How you think everything about life is one grand

We love you, love you, love you Nick.


ej said...

You are not going to believe this but Kohen has the EXACT same dollar store bear (from his preschool last year) and it is his FAVORITE. Not surprisingly the head tore part way off and my mom had to save the day by sewing it up. After reading about Nick I have to say our boys are cut from the same cloth. I love the "Future Nick" comment and all the fun party stuff.
PS- I am also keeping you in my prayers that you don't fall off the blogging wagon again, I love your posts!

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Love Nick. Love your writing. Love that I can suck joy from you with every word. Love that this is the first time I have commented on anyone's blog in a good 8 months. Feel proud!

You don't mind leeches do you?

Lisa said...

I am so happy you have returned to blogging! #1 just killed me about him sitting next to the kid on the bus. I always tease Todd and tell him he was the like the cool kid who always befriended the down and out kid in the apostles stories. I am sure Nicky will be just like him :)

Melanie said...

Fun post Tyla! Nick is such a was so fun to read all about him...he will love reading this about himself when he gets older. And I have to say, the cake is awesome. My boys would totally love it since Star Wars is HUGE at our house!

Glad you are blogging again! Brandon and I enjoy keeping in touch with your family this way!

Nae said...

Hey Tyla,
I love reading these posts about your kids. And though it took awhile, better late than never. :) I'm on the never side of things, but you've inspired me to do this for my kids. I'm glad you're finding (and bringing) so much joy in life. :)

Gaylynne said...

What a great party, you are so creative! I loved reading you're updates..... I am forever trying to get caught up in blogging too. I keep trying to do it once a week, but that never seems to work for me.