Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Reunion 09

So... when I went to start blogging again... this is the draft that I found waiting for me.  I was swearing on this post that I was going to become a die-hard blogger, again, and the darn thing never even got posted.   But I am just going to put it out there anyway, because hey! It was a fun reunion... three years ago.  And, uh, yes, by the way, I am totally going to start blogging again.  Totally.  So here...the post that was started 16 months ago... (I did have a baby and moved in the last 16 months- as if I have just been spending my evenings on the couch watching up to episode 136 of How I Met Your Mother!)

This is just emberassing. How many times have I returned to blogging, swearing I was back on the bandwagon, and to "stay tuned for more posts"?? Let's see, the last time was January. Of 2010. And that post was catching up from July. Of 2009. Which is why, in April of 2011, I am continuing on with the rest of July, still Of 2009. I know, not even interesting to anyone anymore. My kids don't even look the same. But this blog being for them in place of scrapbooking, I will be trudging right along  covering the rest of 2009 &2011. Since I usually say at this point (and really, honestly think it) that I am sure I will be blogging every night and caught back up to the present day in a few, short weeks- well, instead I will say- I know I am an annoying blogger. Feel free to delete me from your blog roll.

So.... Majors Family Reunion 2009!!!!

Carson and Jake watching the mega-outside movie screen that the overachievers of one of the branches of Chad's family put on.  You gotta love overachievers.  They totally make life more fun.

Red Fish.  Beautiful Red Fish.  Love that place.  Pretend that the water is not 36 degrees.

The fact that he has to grow up literally makes me ache.  

First place winner of races at reunion.  Is she not the cutest, brightest eyed thing you have ever seen??

This is Chad on a rope swing jumping into the before-mentioned 36 degree water.  

 All of us at the Lake...

Back at the movie screen... Clara is drinking from the water bottle...

Okay. The story.  Chad carved this into a tree the first year we were married, at my first reunion.  When it was just him and I in a tent.  Here it is, twelve years later...

Reunion Games

 And there it is, Reunion 2009~

Hello kids! It is Memorial Day weekend- you have three days left of your 2012 school year. 

Highlights... Savannah got braces. You look cuter than we even thought you would look, inspite of Jake's friends telling you that you are 10% less hot now. You also were Kate in Pirates of Penzance. And had your end of the year dance concert... you did this cool dance with glow sticks. You made the JV dance team for next year. You have been reading Nick Junie B. Jones every night, and laughing your head off with him. You are such a great big sister...

Jake, today we went out to breakfast-- you are getting to be an amazing kid. You turned 11 this week- we had a surprise birthday party for you, and we totally pulled it off! We had it at the bowling alley at Wahooz- it was soooo fun. Sooo fun to see you be surprised. You said your heart almost stopped beating. How are you so sweet?
 So, holding to tradition, (besides the last two years, of course)- for your 11th birthday...the ten things that I love about you, Jakey...(and can I just say, that my camera was out of order from March until August? And these pictures were taken on my iphone and I am not happy about them. Okay. Just let that be said and remembered over this period of time.  That's all.)

1. You announced to me this week that you were going to make a "man cave" in your room. That consists of sheets tucked into the top bunk mattress, completely surrounding your bed.

2. You volunteered three times this weekend to babysit for us, so we could go out on a date-

3. You are so, so sweet to your little sisters. They both love you so much.

4. You are just really, really,cool. You might say, you have swag. ;)

5. You are so aware of everyone around you's feelings.

6. Okay, seriously Jake- you are totally fashionable. Like really, really fashionable. (Don't let anyone ever tell you that that is not a bona fide talent, my son. It is only one of the finest. one of the finest. )

7. You get the award for most organized and cleanliest.

8. You are confident enough in yourself to freely admit that you like a girl. Like "Jake, do you have a crush on that girl?" "Yes." "Oh." Unexpected honesty curiously sparking less follow up conversation... I, apparently, have only natural instincts of conversation when dealing with denial.

 9. You had a water fight with your little brother this weekend... in 50 degree weather.

10. You are seriously so funny.  Like hilarious.  Like you really make me laugh. 

You might say, that I adore you.  Thank you for being you.  I can't believe you are 11.

Nick- I had the best date with you today, just sitting on the back porch talking.  You are so, so sweet and tender hearted.  When you went to bed, Dad and I talked about how special of a boy you are.  Thank you for being you.

Clara- your cutest moment- me: "Clara, I am so sad that you are five.  I want you to be my little girl forever."  You: "Mom, even when I be five I will still be your little sweetheart."  You are also a little boy crazy.  You didn't like the way that I did your hair one day this week, and you told me you were going to call the cops on me for making you "ugly for the boys." 

And then you crawled into bed with me on Saturday and whispered to me, "Mom, you know how dad wants me to marry none boys? And you want me to marry a boy? Well guess what don't tell dad this but remember that boys house we went to at the last party? I want to marry him and go to that house again but don't tell him, okay? Because I am in love with him."

I love you, my boy-crazy five-year-old.

And Austen, you will be crawling soon.  Dad has been pretty determined lately to make that happen.  Me, I am content with time standing still a little bit.  You make me happy every day.  We take a walk together every day, while all the kids are at school.  You just look around, no matter how long the walk is.  You clap your hands, and you love, love, love to play.  You have two teeth, and wavy, fluffy hair, and I adore every thing about you.  I can't believe I got so lucky to get you.